The General Secretary's Diary

Among the many guests from around the world who attended the 36th Kyodan
General Assembly in October 2008 were several guests from Northeast
Asia. I especially appreciated the presence of two of them. One is the
Reverend Dr. Lee Won-Jae, general secretary of the Korean Methodist
Church. I first met him last June when I visited Korea. The major
purpose of my June visit was to reinstate the considerably long-halted
relationship of the Kyodan and the KMC. When I had an interview with the
chairman of the KMC’s Council of Bishops, General Secretary Lee was
present. During our friendly conversation, I asked him to attend the
upcoming Kyodan General Assembly. He graciously accepted my invitation
and kept his promise. I am sincerely grateful to him.
The other person whose presence I greatly appreciated is the Reverend
Asing Aman, moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. I met him
for the first time two years ago when the joint conference of the PCT
and the Kyodan was held in Takao-City, Taiwan. I took the occasion to
request Moderator Asing Aman to attend the 36th Kyodan General Assembly.
He also responded favorably to my invitation and attended the meeting.

I have long been advocating the importance of fellowship with churches
in Northeastern Asian countries that have the same cultural legacy as
Japan, which is based on the Chinese writing system. Mission cooperation
among Christians who share these common historical roots is as important
as coworking with churches in North America and European countries.

Renewed friendship with these two guests is indeed my great joy. (Tr. FK)

─Naito Tomeyuki
Kyodan General Secretary