【April 2016 No.387】Retrofitting of Japan Christian Center Completed

Construction on the earthquake-resistance upgrade to the Japan Christian Center building began in June 2015 and was completed by the end of February 2016.  The three boards of the Kyodan moved back from their temporary quarters in another part of the city and began operations again on March 14.  The general office of the Kyodan occupies the third floor, while the Board of Publications is on the fourth floor, both just as before.


However, the Board of Pensions, which was previously on the fifth floor, has been relocated to an area behind the main office room on the third floor.  The cost of the retrofitting totaled approximately 300 million yen, the funds coming from a joint fund that had been set aside for that purpose, bank loans, and apportionments from the individual organizations occupying the building. (Tr. TB)