Nagasaki Furumachi Church School Commended for Recycling Efforts

This marks the 15th year that Nagasaki Furumachi Church has been
recycling old paper as an activity of its church school, having begun in
July 1993. It is recognized as a continuing activity contributing to the
recycling of natural resources by the Nagasaki City Environment
Protection Bureau. The bureau has honored the church school with a
financial grant, all of which is donated to UNICEF through a local
broadcasting station. Old paper is accepted every day, not only from the
church members but also other local residents. Once every two months,
the old news papers, magazines, etc, that have been stored in the
church’s garage, are handed over to dealers in old paper. (Tr. RK)

–Fukui Hirofumi, pastor,
Nagasaki Furumachi Church, and
Ishimura Naoyoshi, church school director
Nagasaki Furumachi Church, Kyushu District
From Shinto no Tomo(Believers’ Friend)