(Official Translation under consideration April 4, 1968)

Having been baptized by the grace of God in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and admitted to the Church, which is the Body of Christ, we put aside all iniquities and superstitions, maintain with one another the close fellowship of brothers and sisters in the Lord, pray always for the manifestation of the glory of God, and made the following pledge:
1.  We will respect the order of the Church, obey its teachings and discipline, emphasize the importance of Lord’s Day worship, prayer services and other meetings, observe Holy Communion, be diligent in evangelism, and labor for the support and development of the Church by giving our time, treasures and talents.
2.  We will study the Scriptures daily, be constant in prayer, and maintain a life of piety, purity, temperance, and diligence.
3.  We will serve God, our whole family together, by emphasizing the importance of family worship, maintaining harmony in the home, and leading our children into the faith.
4.  We will strive for the realization of Christ’s justice and love throughout the world, by respecting each other’s personality, loving our neighbors, and laboring for the welfare of society.
5.  We will endeavor, following the will of God, to uplift the morality of the taste, to realize international justice, and to attain world peace.
May God be gracious to us, and enable us to accomplish these intentions.
(Enacted October 28, 1954)